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About Us!


All Brew, No Bite

Welcome! We are a locally produced dog treat company with the goal of bringing you and your furry friends closer! By sourcing spent grains from your favorite breweries, we create delicious, double baked dog treats so your pup can finally enjoy a brew with you! Click below to learn more!

Our Mission


To Connect

Dog owners know we share everything with our furry friends! Here at Brewies, we wanted to bring that connection to our beer lovers! With our product your furry friend has a treat made from the exact grain that was used to brew your beer!


To Build Community

Two of the best communities, craft brewing and dog lovers, come together with Brewies. Our mission is to provide these great people and pets with the opportunity to connect over something they love. 


To Have Fun

Our goal is to create an exciting, inclusive, enjoyable experience for all involved. Here at Brewies we know that enjoying what we do produces the best product. We aim to keep to keep it fun, and what's more fun than craft beer and pups! 

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